This web site contains information and links to the land conservancies, nature centers, and other organizations in Michigan that are involved in land conservation and environmental education. If you represent an organization that would like to be included, please call or email us (info below left).

Michigan Land Conservancies, Land
Trusts, and Similar Organizations

A land trust or conservancy is a non-profit organization which seeks to protect land. Land trusts work closely with landowners, helping to ensure that scenic areas, wetlands, critical wildlife habitats, and other significant natural areas are protected for now and future generations. Most land trusts are small, community based organizations, with work accomplished by volunteers or a single staff person. Other land trusts are more regional in scope and may have many staff members with specialized skills and areas of expertise. Regardless of their size, almost all land trusts can provide landowners with protection opportunities for their land.

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Funding Resources

  • People and Land (PAL) (a funding source for organizations working in land-use education, leadership development, planning model identification, and policy development)

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